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BIG BALLS: bagpiper sizes up to play with AC/DC cover band

Who's got big balls? I've got big balls. I also play a large size bag so suck on that newbs!

In an act of complete randomness, Oregon Piper is going to play a track with a Portland AC/DC cover band known as "Shoot to Thrill" at the Roseland, Friday, January 17th.

Before you start thinking "cover band = cop-out band" consider the fact that you may just simply have a bad taste in your mouth from all the probably realistic awful number of cover bands out there who were too lazy to write their own music.

NOT THIS ONE. To be completely honest I've never been a die-hard AC/DC fan, but when I heard this band play I was instilled with the drinking power of three consecutive hangovers (instead of just one, normally). 

We'll be playing the tune "Long way to the top if ya wanna play rock n' roll" - for a refresher check out the original youtube video here.

And remember: "it's a short way to the bottom, if you wanna play smooth jazz." Special thanks to Dan Delmain (Portland bagpiper) and Claudine Hemingway (of McMenamins) who both agree that nothing is sacred.



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