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"Professional piping for the people"

A bagpiper for any occasion: enliven your wedding, wake, or special event with the energy of the great highland bagpipe.


Oregon Piper @ Renner's Bar in Multnomah Village - Saturday 4pm

Hey hey HEY. Fat Mullaney here. If you're looking to spice up your Saturday afternoon I'll be piping at Renner's Bar in the Multnomah Village tomorrow from about 4-5pm. And, look for me through your sniper rifle's scope- I'll also be playing on the roof at 7 IN THE AM.  The idea is to startle you awake and stress you out so you'll want to relax and have a beer later.

It's a cozy bar so prepare to either 1) turn your hearing aid's all the way down (you won't need them), or 2) ask your doctor if hearing aid's might be right for you!
"What you say!?"
"I said you can't have any pudding until you've FINISHED YER MEAT!!"

 Side effects may include having a good time, drinking more than you normally do, and terribly singing Irish folk songs with the bearded stranger sitting next to you.