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Portland Metro Pipe Band's performance from the World Pipe Band Championships!

Portlandia goes to Scotlandia! Fresh piping served straight from the country it was invented in.

We worked our hardest all year for this trip, and played really well at four different events (one of which being the World Pipe Band Championships). 

Judging at piping competitions has always and historically been a strange duck. I think any piper and/or drummer would agree that there are times where you play terribly and get 1st, and times where you play incredibly and get slammed. As I've always told my students (and myself), you are your best judge, and, in a way, you're competing against yourself. Here's what I mean by this: 

You are the only person who has intimate knowledge of your playing ability and your progress over the years. The judge may hear you once (or twice, if you're lucky), but you have heard every moment of your playing since you first began, and are therefore better informed of your true potential. Basically, you know if you played well or not, for you.

I felt that we played very well, for us. The placing's came in a little lower than we wanted, but we did receive a 3rd in piping at North Berrick, and a 4th overall at Bridge of Allan. Here's the vids:

And for those who haven't seen them yet here's a few action shots from the trip:

Thanks to my bandmates, to you, and to everyone else who has followed and supported us this year- and here's to the new season!