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"Professional piping for the people"

A bagpiper for any occasion: enliven your wedding, wake, or special event with the energy of the great highland bagpipe.


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Oregon Piper featured performer at the Oregon Piper's Society

That's right. I'm back from France, the sun's out, and it's piping season babyyy. If you've been asking yourself "What is my life MISSING!?" It's probably hearing some fun, modern, and (most importantly) live piping! Either that or maybe you just haven't seen Battlestar Galactica yet.

  • This Saturday
  • 7pm
  • The Milwaukee Odd Fellows Hall | 10282 SE Main St. Milwaukee, OR 97222
  • $10

In addition, a professional piper by the name of Colin Gemmell will also be giving a solo performance. I also heard a rumor that I may be playing that one tune you guys seem to like so much. You know...the one that rhymes with "Dame of Phones".