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Oregon Piper + David Douglas Football = Awesome

It's football season, and I'm piping at every David Douglas home game this season!

This is fitting as they are the David Douglas "Scots", and ironic because my (sort of) alma mater was Monmouth College, and their mascot? The Scots. 

There we were in all of glory circa 2002. I'm off to the right...just out of shot, of course...

In short, I and several other pipers and drummers were essentially the mascots of the school, and piped at every football game, volleyball game, swim meet, and sometimes even...frat parties! It was an incredibly small, mid-western private college in an even smaller town surrounded by corn in rural Illinois, and they loved their division 3 sports. If you think people go nuts about OSU and UO over here (which are division 1, and UO was my second school), I can tell you from experience that the excitement over our little D3 team at Monmouth was absolutely on par. 

Come see me and the team at any of the following home games (all of which start at 7pm):

  1. This Friday, September 16th
  2. Next Friday, September 23rd
  3. October 7th
  4. October 21st

Tickets are extremely nominally priced. Hope to see you there!