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Award-Winning Bagpiper - Mark Mullaney

Photo by Maddi Thompson

        The beginning of my bagpiping career was neither epic nor inspiring- in truth it was quite random. Near the small highland village of Gresham, Oregon, where I spent my youth, there was a Highland Games held annually. Each year my family and I attended the event and received a small dose of Scottish heritage. I really enjoyed how bizarre and exciting the bagpipe sounded and decided to start taking private lessons. I was very lucky to have Mark Tomasetti as my teacher.

        Sixteen years have passed since that day, and I've played bagpipes competitively throughout Portland, the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, Ontario, and Scotland. In addition to playing as a soloist, I have a passion for playing in bagpipe bands as well, including:

  • The Sir James McDonald Pipe Band (grade 4) a youth band in Portland for bagpipers and drummers under the age of 18.

  • The Monmouth College Pipe Band (grade 3) in Monmouth, Illinois where I also went to school and received a full ride scholarship for bagpiping.

  • The New Westminster Police Pipe Band (grade 2 and formerly Maple Ridge Pipe Band) in Vancouver, B.C.

  • The Portland Metro Pipe Band (grade 2 and my current band) which has just returned from a very successful trip to the World Pipe Band Championships in Scotland. 

  • I also assistant direct an all youth pipe band (the Portland Metro Pipe Band youth, grade 4) in the Portland area

         In addition to playing with bagpipe bands, I've also played with a few celtic-rock bands, and wholeheartedly enjoy playing with other musicians. In one engagement, Portland Metro and I had the pleasure of playing a set with the Chieftains

         Bagpiping has truly filled my life with great joy; I am so happy to have learned it, and will continue to share bagpipe music with the world for the rest of my life!

At your service,

Mark Mullaney
[email protected]


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