Oregon Piper - Portland Bagpiper, bagpipes, bagpipers, bagpipe, and pipers for hire in Portland

"Professional piping for the people"

A bagpiper for any occasion: enliven your wedding, wake, or special event with the energy of the great highland bagpipe.


Popular tunes

Tried and true bagpipe tunes you'll recognize that have passed the test of time.

Slow airs

Somber bagpipe tunes that work great for delicate moments.


The energy of the highland bagpipe. Tunes that truly celebrate life: toast your Guinness so it spills on the floor, start a bar fight, and set Michael Flatley’s feet on fire.

Upbeat marches

Bagpipe tunes you can march to- medium tempos, catchy rhythms, and lots of kilt swaying.

 Recordings by Ryan Murphy

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