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Bagpiper entertains guests at neighborhood block party WITHOUT riding a unicycle

I swear to the bagpiping gods someday I'm going to tackle that unicycle-riding, Darth-Vader-helmet-wearing, bagpiper right onto the moist Portland pavement. I mean I've got to give him (or her!?) props for the amount of crazy multitasking it must take to do all that at once, and it just so happens that the way I give props is by performing a sneak attack critical hit from behind. 

In other news, I was extremely honored to play at a celebration of life in North Portland that later evolved into a block party. I couldn't have played for a more humble, friendly, and generous family. And this wasn't some weak-sauce coffee hour after church party- we're talking street blocked off, rock band jamming out, and nearly every person residing on the street coming out of their homes and enjoying the September sun. 

Special thanks to Cheryl M. who was also curious to see how many rum and coke's it would take for me to make a mistake in Scotland the Brave (answer: 3).