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"Professional piping for the people"

A bagpiper for any occasion: enliven your wedding, wake, or special event with the energy of the great highland bagpipe.


Funerals are fun!

Well random/dilligent readers I know it's been awhile...but you have to understand a bagpiper has two main gigs: weddings and funerals. And since it's cold and depressing in Portland this time of year there's not a plethora of people getting married in the rain, BUT I do find myself posthumously knowing a lot of people who tend to DIE IN THE COLD.


Being a professional bagpiper = yin and yang. Sometimes you're officially starting off the relationship; other times you're officially ending it. THE POINT IS, I like to have fun/hopefully somewhat amusing blog posts, and since I'm playing mainly funerals this time of year I would find it somewhat irreverent to title a post "Played at this great guy's funeral today...everyone was crying so hard jk lol!!!"

On a serious note, I feel that I've seen enough funerals to know what I want at mine: a Smash Bros. multiplayer competition followed by a reverent moment interrupted by a spring-loaded boxing glove shooting out of my coffin holding a note that reads: "HA HA HAA, GOOD TIMES!


PS: In other irreverent news playing with AC/DC cover band "Shoot to Thrill" was a most excellent experience...why don't more contemporary/classic rock/ANY bands want to include bagpipes in their next set??